FXCIST Frosted Privacy Glass Window Film 40 x 200 cm - Opaque Privacy Sticker, Door Cover, Anti-UV Static for Office, Bathroom, Home - (Frosted, 40x200cm)


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【Privacy protection】The frosted window film provides protection for privacy while allowing light to radiate on all smooth glass surfaces; suitable for privacy such as office, bedroom, bathroom and living room.
【Enjoy More Comfortable Light】This window privacy covering will diffuse direct sunlight to prevents glares, so that you can work, study, and play under softened sunshine.
【Sun Blocker】Blocking out 96% of ultraviolet rays, effective blocking of harmful solar rays. rotecting your skin from harmful radiation and minimizes fading on furnishings caused by the sun.
【Affordable】Decorate your living space with the minimum amount of work and cost, an inexpensive alternative to those costly frosted windowpanes and walk-in shower doors
【Easy Application】This glass frosting flim can be applied easily with only water, easy to make corrections during application, can be easily reinstalled if not damaged. It takes only one person to finish the application in a short period of time.


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