Tisaika A+++ Alarm Clock - Battery Powered, Silent, Non-Ticking, Easy-to-Read, Snooze, Night Light, Portable for Bedroom, Travel & Home Use (Kids Friendly)


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★Silent No Tick Mechanism. The second hand is a smooth sweeping action, not ticking so no more annoying noise. Quiet well made mechanism that will not disturb your sleep at night. Keep accurate time even after a long time.
★Clear Dial Display. This clock has a very clean and easy to read hands and face. The 3D numbers on the clock dial are large and easily readable. Very easy to see for the elderly or children. You can read the time easily day and night.
★Very Easy to Operate. It's a basic simple alarm clock. Nothing difficult. It is very easy to set the time and to set the alarm. The two knobs for adjusting the time and the alarm are easy to use, and a simple switch turns the alarm on or off.
★Snooze Nightlight Function. The snooze/nightlight button seated on the top of the clock is easy to find in the dark. The alarm is nice and loud. You can just easily press the snooze button to pause the alarm, it will get louder if you leave it. The night light is bright enough to lit the entire display but won't cause any glare to your eyes in the middle of the night.
★Neat and Compact. It's nice and small and compact so excellent to take with you if travelling. Lightweight but sturdy clock. Good energy efficiency and keeps time well. Good decoration for home, office and good gift for your family.


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